In 1995 we began to service and install irrigation systems for residential clients. Today we have a wide range of services to guide you through any project.

High View Services can provide the solution you need from consulting, through the design process, installation, and seamlessly into servicing the system when installation is complete.

If your system needs some attention or upgrades we provide full water management and auditing services as well.

From large acreages too small flower bed drip applications, our residential irrigation systems are designed with water conservation, and maximum product efficiency in mind. We understand our clients concerns and apply decades of industry knowledge and expertise towards every project.

No two landscapes are identical. Identifying the soil type, drainage issues, aspect, and slope of the property helps us customize your new irrigation system and provide you a product that you feel confident with. Pump and well system installations are not out of our scope. We will set up a watering schedule that will not run you’re well dry, while keeping your landscape as healthy as possible.

We have the manpower, machinery, and mobility to start on your property within 2 business days. The timeline for a typical residential installation is 1 day, providing the property is free from construction debris and other contractors.

A post installation walkthrough with the homeowner is a step by step tutorial on how your system operates, and is done at the completion of every project.

Water savings boosted by 50%



– You can purchase controllers now that can read the weather. This helps the controller re-adjust your watering schedule based on actual weather conditions.

– Controllers can now also connect to your smart phone, this gives you more control over your system.


– Technology is changing yearly; irrigation manufactures are developing new and more efficient sprinkler heads along with nozzles all the time.


Designed From the Inside Out

Our designers have extensive training and experience. Our irrigation systems are design and installed with water efficiency in mind. This should give you piece of mind knowing that thought was put into the layout of your irrigation system.

Extensive Experience

A good irrigation design requires experience to install. Our members are required to develop there experience and knowledge on an ongoing basis.

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